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Instant PPSR Motorcycle Checks

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It is imperative that you check a used motorcycle for existing security interest or encumbrance before purchasing it. If you do not, and it still has money owing against it, it could potentially be repossessed.

An Instant PPSR Motorcycle Check will:-

  • Confirm motorcycle description information

    (make, model, colour, year of manufacture, rego number)

  • Confirm motorbike encumbrance status

    (if money is owing)

  • Confirm motorcycle write-off status

    (has the bike been written off or reported as damaged)

  • Confirm motorbike stolen status

    (has the bike been reported as stolen Australia-wide)

It's quick, it's simple (only 3 steps) and best of all it's instant!

  1. Enter VIN or Chassis and select PPSR Certificate

  2. Enter your payment details

  3. Receive your PPSR Certificate instantly on your screen!

AutoCheck instant user friendly online service allows you to conduct a search for security interests or encumbrances on a motorcycle.

In the past this service was provided by the state based REVS (Register of Encumbered Vehicles), VSR (Vehicle Securities Register), WOVR (Written-off vehicle register) or VCheck Service depending on which state the bike was registered. These services are no longer available and has been replaced by the national Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR).

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What is PPSR?

The Australian Commonwealth Government introduced a reform that brought several Commonwealth, State and Territory laws and Registers regarding Personal Property Security Interests under one National System.

On January 30 2012, one National Personal Properties Securities law and one National Personal Properties Security Register (PPSR) was introduced. Consequently a number of  Government Security Registers including the State based REVs/VRS registers and VCheck Service closed.

On January 30, 2012 - one single PPSR Certificate replaced all REVS and VCheck Certificates.

One single PPSR Certificate offers a purchaser of a second-hand vehicle, a quick and easy way to obtain important vehicle information prior to purchase. The release of this information to the general public and the motor vehicle industry allows the consumer to take a proactive role in the deterrence of vehicle theft and fraud and make a more informed decision about your purchase.

The PPSR Certificate enables the purchaser to verify if the vehicle they are purchasing has a stolen status recorded against it. The PPSR Certificate will also display if there is a repairable or statutory write off recorded.

The PPSR Certificate may also detail the type of damage sustained (eg. Fire, water damage), plus the date and state where the vehicle was written off.

By purchasing a clear PPSR Certificate (formerly known as a Security Interest Certificate, Vehicle Security Register Certificate, VSR or Clear Title Certificates) on the day you are purchasing a Used Car, Truck, Caravan, Campervan, Trailer, Bus, Motor Cycle, Boat, or a Jetski you are protected against repossession.

PPSR Certificates are available for registered vehicles Australia wide.

Check Your Vehicle For

  • Hail or Flood Damage

  • Written Off Information

  • Stolen Status

  • Financial Encumbrance

  • Odometer Reading Comparison

  • Registration Status

  • ANCAP Rating

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